Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life After My Girl

I was doing a take-home quiz for my Sociology class and I thought, "gee, it'd be nice if I have a snack to munch on. Hm.. I'm kinda craving some sweet potatoes." (Yes, that's mostly all that I think about: food.)

Anyway, so how has my life changed after My Girl?

1. Ever since I watched My Girl, every now and then I'd get these random cravings for sweet potatoes and tangerines.

2. I've always had a liking for musical snow globes/water globes/waterballs/water domes/snow domes (or whatever it is that people are calling them these days...) but it wasn't until My Girl that I actually started to collect them. And man, lemme tell you... that is one expensive hobby to pick up. And since I'm living life on a budget, expensive for me means anything costing more than 15 bucks. Thus far, I have purchased four of those things and sadly, none of them is THE ONE that inspired this hobby.
(I kinda curse Ebay for supporting my "madness" because the sheer excitement of winning a bid, like in a game, is quite addicting. Darn you, Ebay! *shake fist*)

3. I now like cute hair accessories and mismatched earrings.
(I wore one of my hair ties to work and my co-worker asked, "Did you take them from your little sister?" And I, in a dignified tone, said, "I don't have a little sister. So no. They are my own." And then proceeded to roll my eyes, flip my hair in her face, turn my back, and walk away. Haha. No, I didn't do that. One, because she's a good work friend of mine and two, can't really flip my hair coz I wear a hat as part of the work uniform. Darn you, hat! *shake fist, again*)

4. There are new names that I can add to my "favorite actress" and "eye candy" lists. heart eyes

5. New word of the _____ (until whenever the My Girl effects wear off) is bbashya!
New phrase of the ______ is "You'll be blessed!"

5. I now own a DVD burner. I bought it to burn My Girl on DVDs.

6. I started to use my Photoshop Elements more frequently and even stayed up until the wee hours of morning to make banners for...

7. ...this blog that you're looking at right now. wave

I have been mukgu-fied.

Btw, dear blog readers... How did you find your way here? I'm curious..


chel said...

hi doozy! came across your blog just by browsing for MG related articles and ramblings. ]xD love reading your posts, i check in regularly but this is my first time leaving a comment so just wanna say thanks for all the fun and entertainment ]xD and always looking forward to reading your updates! have a great christmas!

Mady June said...

I came across your blog via google while searching for pictures of Mukgu doll to place on my desktop. I agree with most of what you have written. My fav word used to be Aja! Aja! Fighting! but now it's Bbashya!. I wish I can buy those cute hair accessories but the one are I see look too childish and cheap to me. One of my fav My Girl item beside Mukgu is that octopus ponytail holder.

doozy said...

Hi chel and mady june!
Thanks for visiting and your kind compliments!

mady june, isn't bbashya so fun to say?! also, have you checked out it's a good site for korean drama accessories. Although the prices of some items are higher than one would like, I've purchased from there and the service is good and shipping is fast.

madyjune said...

yeah i want to buy from eclickkorea but the dollar exchange rate is pretty high in my country. i can only spend around 8 dollars a month for personal allowance excluding bus fees, food, etc. :(

doozy said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that mady june. :(
Gosh, this Korean entertainment craze is really digging into our wallets, isn't it?

Sarah Lois said...

hello! i came across your link at Sehseh's blog. and Singapore's cable will be showing My Girl tonight!! i can't wait!! after seeing all the hype..haha.

doozy said...

sarah lois,'re so lucky that "My Girl" is showing on the telly. I hope you'll like it. It's a great show!

Anonymous said...

hahaha.... watched 1st 2 episodes. hilarious!! i'm catching on your fever =)
-sarah lois

Mai said...

hey doozy. im very much agreeing to your list! i looked up Mukgu (trying to see if there was really a LOL) and found your blog. its great to know that alot of people are enjoying "My GirL" take care!

geosa said...

I really glad to get to see your post, to know how 'My Girl' touched us!! This series really inspired me to visit Korea just to see the scenery and buying stuffs like Mukgu doll and snow dome. I really appreaciate your post!!!

doozy said...

Thank you, geosa!!
"My Girl" is great. It made me want to visit Korea more (partly coz I'd like to "stalk" a certain someone that was in the drama...) Heehee.
Really, when I think about it, I love all the cast members in "My Girl." Ah~ good times, good times.

jill said...

1. i know right! those tangerines look good. i always think of that part when ah jin gyu screams, "de kyun!!!" or however you spell haha
2. luckily i haven't caught eBay fever. i think it's b/c i'm poor! :-p but i was very willing to shell out the $ for the snowglobe.
3. i wanna mismatch my earrings too now hahahaha. i always see cutesy stuff to wear, but before i buy anything (you name it) i always ask myself, "do i really NEED it?" then i dont buy anything HAHA
4. yups *faint*
5. i told my sister she should make her license plate say, "bbashya". it's too many letters for HI plates though. maybe "bbasya" hehe...i always say, "aigoo!" i told her to put that too.
5. i bought a laptop with a dvd-burner before i watched MG. thank goodness i did b/c now i can burn burn burn all this Kgoodness.
6. i wish i knew how to make banners and animated gifs w/PS. i just use PS to make little pictures for avatars :p
7. i love this blog!! like mai, i think i was trying to see if there really was a thank goodness it got me to here! :)

Mauwy said...

Bbashya~! haha i hope this is not too late ^^

came across your blog via blog search of Hwang Jin Yi, nice blog bte :D

me too, ive tried wearing mismatched ears too after being influenced by Da Hae ^^

doozy said...

Mauwy: it's never too late! A belated welcome from me.


incarnadine29 said...

Google! Was searching for MG-related video clips when your blog surfaced. Of course, no MG fanatic could overlook the term "Mukgu-fied"! :)