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My Girl OST

The Mermaid Who Loved The Shark
Artist: Park Hee Kyung
Translation by: busnumber
To download the song, click here.

I couldn't say with words but I think it was from the beginning
Come to me, though I know that you will hurt me

Don't be too suprised, or too excited or too hurt
But a love that sometimes complains and is jealous

Even if it's normal, do you know that I want to have that kind of love?
I wanted to stop because I despised you who pretended to not know
But I can't go on without you and because even you know this
I'm still sadly by your side

You try to say something different
But if I tell you that I love you first
I wonder what face expression you will have

Even if it's normal, do you know that I want to have that kind of love?
I wanted to stop because I despised you who pretended to not know
But I can't go on without you and because even you know this
I don't want to give you a burden but
I'm still sadly by your side

Can you only figure out my love with words?
I wanted to stop because I despised you who pretended to not know
But I can't go on without you and because even you know this
I don't want to give you a burden but
I'm still sadly by your side

Never Say Good Bye
Artist: Mario & Nesty
Translation by: busnumber
To download the song, click here.

Yea, whats going on, 2006, mario and nasty,
brand new classic,
ride with us, its about two guys and hot girls,
yo keep it up keep it up,
two step with me, come on,
lets do it do it do it like this

1,2 baby clap ur hands
Everybody lets go ha ha ha ha
I want yall ladies clap again
Let me hear u say wut wut
Just us two its my story
The scar in your heart, the tear in my eye
The times with you are too long too long
I beg you to come back to my warm heart
the ghetto follow your heart, just as it is
never say goodbye so get up

if you go away
you will see me cry
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down
Even when we're always together, we never get closer
A stale love with no meaning

you never say good bye
For a while I sat absent mindedly and emptily
And I thought over again
But I couldn't stop
I despise myself for having no choice but to think about you all the time
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down

(Mario) And we the best aint no need to stress
Mario and nasty aint no need to impress
(Boram) Yo! Accept your heart, my heart won't change
But I will never drain my heart and make it empty
(Mario)Call it a fling or a love thing
I don't care I can handle any drama that you bring.
I stay up all night filling my heart up with love
(Mario)with out u im better no one could do it better
hello cute nasty best mc
Mario right tight errnight that's right.

I am still in love with you hey
Even though you never understand me
I'm still in love with you hey
Let me hear you say hey hey hey

Yo check it You say you will leave me
That you're the only woman in this world
I stand firm and like a man I won't give up
only you, only you, only you I won't forget
baby 1,2,3,4 I got the mic check

if you go away
you will see me cry
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down
Even when we're always together, we never get closer
A stale love with no meaning

you never say good bye
For a while I sat absent mindedly and emptily
And I thought over again
But I couldn't stop
I despise myself for having no choice but to think about you all the time
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down (one more time now)

you never say good bye (come on come on)
For a while I sat(wana ride with the homie right?)
absent mindedly and emptily(Wana get right then get high )
And I thought it over again(ride with me ill ride with you)
But I couldn't stop(you go down on me ill go down on you)
I despise myself (yeah~)
for having no choice but (just me and you come on)
to think about you all the time(One more time now)
don't you let me go (Say what)
don't you let me down (One more time now)

1,2 baby clap ur hands
Everybody lets go ha ha ha ha
I want yall ladies clap again
Let me hear u say hey hey hey

Love doesn't change, my heart doesn't change
I won't lose my dreams, I won't give them up ever
Ill logic real toxic switch quicker than tiptonic
hetero sexual the kids flow is incredible
Love doesn't change, my heart doesn't change
I won't lose my dreams, I won't give them up ever yea~

La La La

Perhaps Love (Is this love?)- Goong OST
Artists: HowL & J
Translation by: Jungie

I don't remember when it happened.
I'd get dizzy just thinking about you.
Because my thoughts kept stretching, my heart was surprised.
It's a little awkward that I keep saying to you that "it's nothing"
and that "my heart's just trifling"

Is this love? And if you feel the same way, is this the beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you and the more the world listens
the louder it yells it.
Why is it just now that I hear it?
That the love has been found us so we might be together.

Even if I try to explain my feelings, the only true way to understand
would be to become me and feel them.
I'm already inside of you, just how you're inside of me.
I don't know if we've gotten used to the meaning between us.

Is this love? And if you feel the same way, is this the beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you and the more the world listens
the louder it yells it.
Why is it just now that I hear it?
That the love has been found us so we might be together.

Now that I think about it, there were so many moments of fluttering.
I'll make up for all the time lost.

I'll be with you and give you only good memories,
so in return you can't leave me.
Even the slightest moments make me feel uneasy
Stay with me

I'm loving you (until then)
like this (only you) already

Ways to Avoid the Sun (Gtr. Remix)
Artist: Bi/Rain
Translation by: ShungLuV @ soompi forums

The image of me crying
The foolish image of myself
I hate the sun that shines upon the ground
(I hate the sun)
If anyone recognized me
and asked why I was crying
I really hated not being able to answer
(I really hated it)

I wanted to avoid the sun
No matter how hard I ran
The sun was always overhead
I really wanted to forget you
No matter how hard I tried,
No matter how hard I tried you were still inside of me

I really hated to still miss your
Smile and the hands that touched me
(I really hated it)
Inside of so many people
While they laughed and shared stories
I tried to forget you
But again, tears fall


Everyone thinks that I forgot
But I think that I’m going to go crazy
I really want to forget
I really want to erase my memory
But it’s not working…


Like a thorn that is stuck so deep that you can’t take it out
Like a scratch that was hurt so much that it will leave a scar
A person like you can’t ever be erased
Even though we’re apart, it seems like we’re still living together
If only I could erase you by crying
I cry so much that it’s enough to make a river
Even if I live, I want to forget you and live correctly…
I want to live normally… I want to live normally…

I believe- My Sassy Girl OST
Artist: Shin Seung Hoon
Translation by: goro-chan (additional credits to warghalv)

I believe... When you are not with me there are no stars in the sky.
I believe... The way back to you will feel a little far.
I'll carry all those memories deep inside me.
I'll feel pain, it'll make tears fall.

When I won't cry you will leave me
With no change and no tears.
Someday again the tears will come around
You know it
I'll believe that you are waiting.
I do it for you.

I believe... It'll hurt me to see, you can't cry.
I believe... My tears will fall, you should turn back to me again.
Again I'll glimpse you come into my sight
And it'll make my tears fall.

When I won't cry you will leave me
With no change and no tears.
Someday again the tears will come around
You know it
I'll believe that you are waiting.
I do it for you.

Before I knew you, the world was dazzling.
From that sky I got left with tears.
I will care for that person.

You are the only reason...
To me the wait gives me enough happiness.
Love is the only reason...
As days pass by,
If you forget the way, I'll be waiting
I do it for you.
I do it for you.

Japanese Fans of Hallyu Stars Flock to Korea

Thousands of Japanese fans will visit Korea in October to see their favorite hallyu stars.

Asian fans and music experts have recently been invited to a large-scale showcase of singer Rain's fourth album slated for October 13 at Jamsil Stadium. The album will be released concurrently in more than 10 Asian countries on October 15.

Actor/singer Ryoo Shi-won, for his part, will hold a fan meeting for his Asian fans October 16 at the Seoul Grand Park, while singer Shin Seung-hoon, who will release his tenth album October 10, will hold a showcase and solo concert October 14-15 at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

Thousands of Japanese fans are expected to attend the three events to be held by the top hallyu stars. Rain's agency, JYP Entertainment, said large groups of the singer's fans from Japan, China, Thailand and Taiwan will visit Korea to see the showcase prior to Rain's Asian tour slated for December.

Ryoo's agency, R'S Company, said 1,500 seats of the singer's fan meeting venue, which can accommodate 2,000 people, will be allocated to Japanese fans, while the remaining 500 seats will be occupied by Korean, Chinese, Singaporean and American fans as well as Japanese reporters. Ryoo's fans will also attend the singer's racing competition to be held a day before the fan meeting.

The agency had to limit the number of Japanese fans due to the venue's limited capacity by choosing only 1,500 from thousands of applicants.

Shin's agency said the number of Japanese fans during the singer's concerts in December surpassed one thousand people and will likely reach 600 to one thousand this time.

Travel agencies say reservations for Korea-bound flights from Japan and lodging facilities have been booked to capacity for that timeslot. A person from a travel company specializing in Japan said several Japanese fans will even take flights from Nagoya due to the lack of tickets from Tokyo. He also added that reservations for lodging facilities for that period are filled up as well, and the situation is even more serious as October is traditionally a wedding season in Korea.
Source: KBS Global

Mr. Goodbye

The Cast
Ahn Jae Wook- Yoon Hyun Suh
Lee Bo Young- Choi Young In
Jo Dong Hyuk- Kyle
Oh Yoon Ah- Kang Soo Jin

From left to right: Jo Dong Hyuk, Lee Bo Young, Ahn Jae Wook, and Oh Yoon Ah

Who is “Mr. Goodbye?”
Yoon Hyun Suh is known as “Mr. Goodbye” in the hotel world because wherever he goes, employees would usually be bidding farewell to their jobs.

The Storyline
What do you do when you’ve ran a marathon to win a travel prized package so that you and your significant other can go on a trip together only to discover that he has been cheating on you (with your best friend, no less) when you came to pick him up for the airport? Do you a) kill them with your bare hands, b) proceed to go back home and be depressed all day/week, c) try to exchange the plane tickets for money, or d) leave for the trip alone? Choi Young In chose (c), but when that didn’t work, she chose (d) and left for Las Vegas. Whether or not this was a wise decision, considering the turn of events that ensue, depends on the audience’s perspective. I, for one, thought that it was a wise choice.

It was on her trip to Las Vegas that she met Yoon Hyun Suh, a workaholic, hotel executive who does not let emotion or any of those “weak feelings” get in the way of his success in the business world. He is competitive and can be said to be ruthless. Although they did not meet nor depart on good terms in Las Vegas, fate brought them together again and they ended up working in the same hotel in Seoul, Korea. Of course, they start a relationship, but the question is: for two people with such opposite personalities, how long would they maintain the relationship? Lastly, do we, the audience, get a happy ending?

The Characters
Yoon Hyun Suh- It wasn’t shown clearly in the drama but from what I was able to deduce, he was abandoned by his mother and then was later adopted by another family. He is very competitive and always earns top marks, whether it is in academia while growing up or in the dog-eat-dog business world. Career-wise, he is very successful. Relationship-wise, it is a whole different story. He doesn’t like to express his thoughts and emotions, which at times, can lead to other people misunderstanding him. In other words, he’s a stoic. He lives alone and is somewhat obsessive-compulsive.

Choi Young In- During her childhood, her father left the family. Thus, as the eldest child, she took care of everything. (Also because her younger brother is so useless.) She has a very strong bond with her mother. Despite her sad childhood, she is a patient, straightforward, outgoing, and optimistic person. She says what’s on her mind and stands up for herself. However, she is not perfect as she also has her own insecurities, and that makes her more real. There is just this innocent and honest aura to her personality that makes her character very likable.

Kang Soo Jin- She is a doctor and also Hyun Suh’s college classmate. Without his knowledge and consent, she chose him as the sperm donor and gave birth to a boy. (During college, Hyun Suh was very poor and thus, donated his goods to a sperm bank to earn money.)

Kyle- He’s a hotel concierge who works with Hyun Suh in Las Vegas, and then later follows him to Seoul, Korea.

The Actors

Ahn Jae Wook- He does a good job at portraying the cold and lonely Yoon Hyun Suh. I felt his pain when he was sick and didn’t want to tell anyone, especially Young In. Those scenes were sad! Although he is supposed to be a heartless executive, he looks too friendly for the role, at times.

Lee Bo Young- She tends to overact in certain scenes with over the top facial expressions, especially when she is angry and/or frustrated. Other than that, her performance is good. She has terrific crying skills.

Jo Dong Hyuk- Not much emotion from this actor. Wooden.

Oh Yoon Ah- Great performance from this actress. She also looks very pretty with her flowing long hair.

The Chemistry
The two leads have great chemistry together. I love how honest and straightforward their relationship is; how Young In is able to understand so much about Hyun Suh without him even telling her much about his thoughts and feelings; and how much patient she has for him. I also like how their relationship is mature and not so melodramatic. Yes, they fight…who doesn’t? But they resolve the conflict quickly, without dragging it on and on.

The mother-son and father-son chemistry that Soo Jin and Hyun Suh have with Yoon is also amazing. It felt so real when Soo Jin scolded Yoon for leaving the school without telling her where he was. It was so sweet of Hyun Suh to dress up as Spider-man for Yoon so that his classmates will stop teasing him and calling him liar.

The Music
Similar to every other Korean drama, the music in here is awesome. Although, it can get too dramatic in certain scenes, overall, it’s good. I especially like the song in the opening sequence, which has a very nice saxophone intro and is very upbeat. It’s the type of song that you can dance it. I also like the song “Good Bye,” which is more mellow and sadder. It enhances the emotions in the drama very well, especially when it was played during the ending.

Memorable Moments
1. Yoon just bought several baby chicks as his pets and he’s sitting in KFC eating fried chicken. In a later scene, he meets Hyun Suh for the first time and started to imitate his every move. Hyun Suh threatens to cook the chicks and make fried chicken. Yoon’s response? “Hmm.. I like fried chicken. It’s yummy!” Hyun Suh’s reaction? “What the heck?!”

2. The fights and bantering moments between Hyun Suh and Young In.

3. When Young In is describing how alike both Kyle and Hyun Suh are, he asks her why then did she pick Hyun Suh and not him. Young In says that because Hyun Suh is lonely because has no one else; thus, he needs her more.
4. When Hyun Suh put aside all embarrassment and dresses up as Spider-man to cheer up Yoon.

5. The scene when Hyun Suh asks Yoon about what is one of the things that he’d like to do with his father. Yoon’s answer is that it’s peeing. His reasoning is that since he obviously cannot do that with his mom, he wants to try it with his dad. Although I frown on such behavior in a public environment, I like that scene because it is just too cute. (Watch the show and you’ll understand what I mean.)

6. Any scene with Yoon in it. That is one adorable kid! Kook kee oh!

7. The ending. Not the happiest of endings in the traditional sense but very satisfying. One of the best endings that would definitely be memorable in the audience’s heart.

General Comment
Why is it that Korean drama tend to showcase characters with personalities that we would aspire to have or want our significant others to have? At least the new dramas, that is. The men in Korean drama are almost always extremely suave and good looking. They are very clean and have great personalities. The New Age Sensitive, Metrosexual Men. (The group of men that is no where to be found in real life, by the way.)
On the female side, the characters tend to have such strong personality and resilience. They’re optimistic even though life often slaps them in the face. They have really good methods to cope with stressful situations. They stand up for themselves when others are being offensive and insulting to them. I love their sassiness! Sometimes, I wish that I, too, could be like that. But it’s so difficult. Anyway, in two words: they rock!

Sweet or Sour?

Sugar-free Hershey's. At first, Mr. Goodbye looked unappealing to me because I have never seen Ahn Jae Wook in any shows before, have only watched Lee Bo Young briefly in The Last Dance Is For Me and didn’t really like her character in there because she played the typical K-drama villain. Eventually, I decided to watch it because the subtitles were out and other people were commenting about how good it was. And they were right. I’m glad that I didn’t pass this up. It is good.

Image credit: soompi thread

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The King and the Clown

Currently, the Highest Grossing Film in the History of Korean Cinema

Recently, my friend discovered this wonderful movie and we had a very good conversation about it. Our discussion brought out several of the nuances and symbolisms embedded in the movie and really made me (and her) appreciate it more. So while I'm in "The King and the Clown mode," I'll post up some related goodies that hopefully you haven't seen before. If you have, it's really worth a second or even third look at them. Enjoy!

Main Trailer

Arirang TV Screen Flash (2006-02-08)

Arirang TV Showbiz Extra Coverage of the 43rd Daejong Film Festival (Grand Bell Awards)

"The King" reigned over the 43rd Daejong Film Festival (and several other award shows.)

(Gam Woo Sung looks really handsome and well-dressed at the award show. He has a reputation for being one of the hardest working actors in the business and I'm glad that he received his long overdue recognition. Aw, what a nice acceptance speech..very humble and sweet!)

"In-yeon" by Lee Sun Hee (I absolutely love this song! Lee Sun Hee's voice is beautiful and she performs the song with so much emotion.)

"In-yeon" by Lee Sun Hee (with English subtitles courtesy of mirager)

To download the song, click the link below.

Awards at the 43rd Daejong Film Festival
Best Film- The King and the Clown
Best Director- Lee Jun Ik
Best Script/Scenario- Choi Seok Hwan
Best Cinematography- Ji Gil Woong
Best Leading Actor- Gam Woo Sung
Best New Actor- Lee Joon Ki
Best Supporting Actor- Yoo Hae Jin
Most Popular Actor- Lee Joon Ki
Most Popular Actress- Kang Seong Yeon
Most Popular Actor Overseas- Lee Joon Ki

If you're interested, a well-written and very detailed review of the movie can be found here.

Also, if you're still interested, a [lengthy] article about Lee Joon-Ik, the director of the movie, can be found here.

Notice the music that played in the background at the 43rd Daejong Film Festival everytime The King and the Clown won an award? You can listen to the full version on "La La La."

For more YouTube clips about the movie with English subtitles, search for keyword "Arirang TV."

Learn Korean
"yak su"- promise
"sa rang"- love
"in yeon" or "oon myung"- fate or destiny
"sun mool"- gift
-The above words can be found in the lyrics of the song. They are from my limited knowledge of the Korean language so please feel free to correct me if the definition and/or spelling is wrong.

If you haven't seen The King and the Clown, do take a look at it. It's a must-see movie!

doozy: Um, I went into a frenzy posting mode, didn't I? Heehee. I'm just very excited that I now have someone to discuss Korean entertainment with because my friend is starting to appreciate Korean movies and dramas. Plus, I'm currently high on caffeine. Dang you, pearl tea. Dang you! *cartwheels*

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The Bae Yong Joon Craze Continues...

Bae Yong-joon Drama Set Becomes Top Tourist Site

Up to 30,000 Japanese women will head to Jeju to catch a glimpse of Korean Wave star Bae Yong-joon, affectionately known as Yonsama in Japan. That is because on Sept. 5, shooting of Taewangsasingi, a story of the Grand King Gwanggaeto (375~413) of the Koguryo Kingdom, starts.

A promotional picture for the drama Taewangsasingi (meaning the four guardian gods of the king). The drama is a story about the life of the Grand King Gwanggaeto of the Koguryo Kingdom and features Bae Yong-joon./ courtesy of the drama’s fan club (

JAM Tour, which organizes exclusive tours to the shooting location, says it has been looking for customers from Japan and has already gathered some 5,000 female admirers of everyone’s favorite son-in-law. "Even though we explain that actually getting to see Bae Yong-joon shoot a scene won’t be easy, people are lining up to book," a staffer says. Jam Tour coordinated the dates to match up with shooting times for the drama, and some 1,000 in batches of 200 are expected to visit the set in September alone. By the time filming wraps up next February, some 30,000 are expected to have taken the tour.

Agreeing to ban camcorders or cameras so as not to interfere with the filming, the company was awarded sole rights for the tours after six months of negotiations. A 63,000-pyeong (1 pyeong = 3.3m) set that includes a school for nobles and a royal palace and reproductions of the residences of aristocrats in Jeju city is about 75 percent finished.

Over 100 Japanese reporters crowded the set of April Snow with top Korean heartthrob Bae Yong-joon in Samcheok city, Gangwon Province on March 17, 2005. (Note: Walking beside Bae Yoon Joon is talented actress Son Ye Jin, his co-star in April Snow)

And already it has become the top tourist destination for Japanese women visiting the island. During the last six months, 31,240 Japanese women have visited Jeju, a 55 percent increase over the 21,000 that visited in the same period last year. Even though the public is not allowed on the entire construction site, 100-150 people can be seen standing around taking pictures every day.

The 24-episode series, which is chock-full of top stars, also features Choi Min-soo, Jung Jin-young, Park Sang-won and Moon So-ri. It will air starting in March next year.

doozy: Never fear, dear people! I'm trying to solve the mystery of the Bae Yong Joon craze. If anyone have any hints for me, please feel free to let me know. Your help is much appreciated.

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Eye Candy: Issue no.3

The Drool-worthy NamJa of Korean Entertainment

Hyun Bin smile

Looks: A-
If you've seen the K-drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, then you'd understand why Hyun Bin deserves to be on this list of hot men. With his tall and slim physique, he looks nice in any outfit, even those really feminine-looking ones (think: purple and pastel pink). His well-styled hair and flawless skin are also two of his best features. Hence, with what I've described thus far, you may be wondering why did I give him an A- in looks. The reason has to do to with his smile. Although he has very cute dimples, his smile is "nothing to write home about." In many of the pictures as well as onscreen, it always looks so awkward and forced. He may very well be feeling very happy but sadly, his smile does not show the true feeling. Thus, the pictures of him that I like most are the ones where he has that serious, smoldering look. Those pictures are hotness!

Talent: A-
I've seen Hyun Bin in two shows: the K-drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon and the movie A Millionaire's First Love. (I also watched Hyun Bin in Daddy Long Legs, but his role was only supporting/cameo so it's difficult to comment his ability from that performance.) In both shows, his characters are very similar to each other; they are both rich, arrogant, have painful pasts, and end up falling in love with girls that are completely different than the ones they are used to encounter in their everyday life. Seeing how Hyun Bin's character from A Millionaire's First Love is not that much of a stretch from the one he plays in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, I can't really evaluate his versatility as an actor. However, he gets an A- in talent because in those two shows, he plays the character very well. His next project is more on the [melo]dramatic side, so I really look forward to seeing if there is any new development in his acting capability because this is one actor with alot of potential.


Actor: Hyun Bin
Real Name: Kim Tae Pyung
Birthday: September 25, 1982
Blood Type: B
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Siblings: Parents and one older brother
School: Joong Ang University
Hobbies: (watching) Plays, Swimming, Basketball
Status: Single
Source: soompi thread


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Image credit: various sources

Introduction on Hyun Bin

Just like the words of English poet Byron, the new-generation-star Hyun Bin has instantaneously joined the procession of top stars.

He decided to become an actor last July, and now he's already a bright dazzling star--after only a year.

MBC series Nonstop 4 and drama Ireland, as well as the movie Spin Kick, these are all he got so far.

Hyun Bin walks the path of a movie star faster than anyone else, so it's not wrong at all to say that he's a "lightning star".

This has added on the mysteriousness hidden behind him. Now it's time to unveil it.

Actor: During the drama class in his Senior High Year 1, at the moment the audience cheered in applause after the first performance, he began to have the dream of becoming an actor. He pretended to go to the library while actually he went for the drama class. Of course in the end it was discovered and thus he was forbidden attend it anymore. However, in this world there are no parents who can remain perverse over their children when the children are more persistent than them, so eventually he was permitted to go to the drama class on the condition that he would get the entry qualification for Theatre Studies at Chung-Ang University. Of course he made it.

Bodyguard: This is the occupation of the role he played in his significant work Ireland, Kang Gook. This is also the title of the KBS drama Bodyguard, in which Hyun Bin made his debut appearance. Although he just played a minor role in the drama, he said that the drama has been a very precious experience for him. As he had familiarized himself with things related to bodyguards at that time, he could perform much better in Ireland later. (Side note: When Bi's recent drama A Love To Kill was airing in Korean, many people compared Bi's role with Hyun Bin's character in Ireland, commenting on how Kang Bok Gu is a copy of Kang Gook.)

Character: He's a rather reserved person who is shy to talk to strangers. It may not be a good character for an actor, but the artistic charisma he has is a wonderful gift that can develop himself into an actor.

Digital Camera: It is believed that the DC people spread my pictures over the net and made me a star. Recently I've also seen a lot of people holding mobile phones or digital cameras. But maybe because I'm not used to it yet, so whenever there are people trying to catch my picture, I'll lower my head. Actually I should pose nicely for the fans.

Email: I really like to compose email, and I usually use email instead of telephones to chat with my friends. When I just started my acting career I even replied every single one of the email that my fans sent to me. But recently I've been really busy. Everyday I may receive thousands of email, yet since I've started the shooting of Ireland I don't even have time for checking email. Some of the email may even be bounced back due to the exceeded storage in my mailbox as I haven't deleted the older email. I'm really sorry about that.

Football: My favourite sport. Actually I'm a member of the stars football team led by Kim Soo Ro. Of course I'm the youngest in position, so I can only be a defensive player. But recently I'm arranged to be the forward because it's said that I'm more famous now. Well, this makes me feel that I'm indeed getting famous.

Girlfriend: We broke up after I entered the entertainment industry. So far there's no one yet. If I have girlfriend I'll be nice to her with all my heart. But now I'm too busy, so I can't look for a girlfriend yet.

Home: Since my parents moved to another place I've been staying together with my manager in a room. Of course the beds are separated, please don't misunderstand anything.

IQ: I've forgotten the exact score, but I remember that it's quite high. Judging from how I memorize the scriptures and how I settle myself down in a new environment, I should say that I'm quite smart.

Money: Seems like I haven't earned a lot. Recently I've shot some commercials, so I do earn some. All my income goes to my mom, and I get 350,000 won from her every month. Is it too little? Actually I don't really have the chance to spend it all, sometimes there's even leftover.

Name: Kim Tae Pyung. Maybe a bit old-fashioned, but it's really a good name, from which you can see that I'm not a hasty person. "Hyun Bin" means "shining brightly", containing the ambition of becoming the star of the stars.

Oscar Award: The future goal. Maybe it's too big, but I don't think it's impossible. The goal before this is to have the term "actor" become a prefix before my name. My childhood dream was similar to that of Ahn Sung Gi son-bae and Choi Min Sik son-bae, which is to become a policeman, and a person who can sacrifice oneself for the justice [huhu: the original texts here are a bit ambiguous in meaning, so I'm not sure if this is the correct meaning]. The biggest advantage of becoming an actor is to try to live the lives that one has never gone through before.

Skin: The most confident part of my body. Sometimes I even get the remarks that my skin is better than women's. But staying up late for drama shooting has indeed hurt my skin. Beauty is a result of sleeping. Only until now I get to enter the beauty center to receive skincare treatment.

Tutor: The home-room teacher during my Senior High Year 2 and 3 is the most important tutor in my life. He emphasized more on the right way to behave than to merely study. As an actor, all the seniors (son-bae) are my tutors. Jung Woo Sung son-bae's eyes, Park Joong Hoon son-bae's unique charisma, and Song Kang Ho son-bae's comedic performance, all these are what I need to learn.
Source: Baidu Hyun Bin's Bar
Translated by: All rights reserved.
Special thanks: SeReNiTy

"Memory" MV by Kim Byun Su (Starring: Hyun Bin and Lee Da Hae)

Talent Search

Agency for BoA and TVXQ (a.k.a. DBSK) Searches for New Talent

By Seo Dong-shin
Staff Reporter

Seoul-based agency SM Entertainment yesterday announced a plan to tour 11 cities in the United States and Canada to recruit new talent for the entertainment industry.

SM Entertainment has fronted stars in representation of hallyu, or the Korean wave, across Asia, such as female singer BoA and boy bands TVXQ and Super Junior.

Regardless of age or nationality, all Asian candidates are welcome in the field of songwriting, singing, dancing, modeling and acting, according to the agency.

Starting in Los Angeles on Sept. 17, the agency will hold preliminary auditions in cities such as Houston, Seattle, New York, and San Francisco as well as Toronto and Vancouver.

``We encourage all those who have entertainment talents to apply. We expect Asia to become the next big hub of the world’s entertainment market,’’ an SM Entertainment official said.

Those interested can send resumes and photos to or register on-site at the auditions. For details visit:

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hola everyone!

Just got back from work and very tired and lazy to find K-entertainment news. Plus, I have an essay that needs to be done ASAP. Anyways, if you'd like to see new pictures of Lee Da Hae in CFs, check out her thread at from the links below. She's very cute!

While you're there, do drop a note to say hi or whatever you'd like. Keep the thread active. Heehee. Thanks!

In addition, I've updated "La La La" (the playlist). New songs include: "Sarang Am Ni Da" (OST from Bad Family), "How To Escape From The Sun- Gtr. Remix" (Bi/Rain), and "Big Big World" (Emilia). Enjoy!

Hasta la vista!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Heat Wave

Jang Dong Gun and Bi for Giordano

Free Image Hosting at          Free Image Hosting at          Free Image Hosting at
Image credit: bestiz and suejinners_imageshack

doozy: Dayum! *faint from the "heat"*

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jo In Sung, "Disappointed that nobody recognized me in Japan"

"I was disappointed that nobody recognized me in Japan, but I don't understand how so many people could have come today."

Jo In Sung met with 3,000 or so members of his official club on the 21st at 3pm and 7pm at the Tokyo Bunkyo Civic Big Hall.

Jo In Sung held a birthday party at the fan meeting and spoke with fans about his recent movie A Dirty Carnival as well as his personal life.

He also requested a camera to be installed on stage and took a picture of the 3,000 fans receiving applause.

Jo In Sung commented, "I'm nervous and is a rather different experience as I've never been on a stage this big. It is a completely different feeling from filming a drama or movie."

Especially in regards to his trip to Japan, Jo In Sung said, "I backpacked for 5 days and 4 nights and toured the city riding the subway. I didn't understand Japanese so I missed stops and had to walk for hours." He also admitted that he was somewhat disappointed that nobody recognized him.

When asked by one fan about his girlfriend and thoughts about love, Jo In Sung responded, "I personally like the line from the movie Tian mi mi (Comrades: Almost a Love Story), 'I believe the time I loved you most, was when you were not by my side.' When two people meet for a long time, the flattering feelings and what seems to be the feeling of love may go away, but I believe that is true love. I believe one day I will be able to experience such love." (Aw, what a sweetheart!)

Lastly, Jo In Sung said to his fans, "I will put effort into making my acting be with everyone, and hope that you will be on my side as I mature."

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung will attend one more fan meeting on the 23rd in Osaka and return to Korea on the 25th.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
[Copyright © 2006 Goodday News/Goodday E&I Inc. All rights reserved.]
Special thanks: xosandy

doozy: Wah~ He was backpacking in the city and NO ONE recognized him?! Does one need to be Bae Yong Joon in order to get some recognition in Japan? How could they? I mean, was he extremely crappy looking or what? That must be it because this is one tall, goodlooking man who starred in the popular drama What Happened in Bali and one of my favorite movies The Classic.
Jo In Sung time, please let me know your travel plans ahead of time and I'll be sure to bump into you "unintentionally" and I'll definitely recognize you so that you won't feel bad. Um... by the way, why were you wearing a bow on your neck at the event?!

Lee Jun Ki: Comic Book Hero?

Promo Cartoon Portrays King and Clown Star’s Life

The King and the Clown sold 12.3 million tickets, Korea’s no. 1 movie of all time until then, and the hero Gong-Gil, a man with a smile more beautiful than that of any woman, kicked off a syndrome all his own in the first half of this year. The success story of the actor who played him is now being portrayed in commercials for a juice drink called The Beauty Likes Pomegranate. Comic book artist Won Su-yeon, who is famous for Full House, joined hands with Lee Jun-ki, who is growing into the Korean film world's blue chip, to portray Lee’s life in a comic strip.

The curtain has already risen on part 1 of the five-part series commercial. In the first installment: despite his parent's objections, Lee Jun-ki leaves his home for the big city. He gets on the train, takes his seat, and starts thinking back on what his father said. Heaven and earth shake as his father bellows, "I didn't raise my son to be an entertainer!" But in spite of the intense objection, he arrives at Seoul Station, and says, "No matter what anyone says, I am going to go my own way." Of course the story has a happy ending.

Free Image Hosting at

But the plan is to portray the pain, jealousy and envy the actor never believed were possible until he met with overnight success. No. 2 in the series will come out on Sept. 1, and by the end of October the entire legend of the actor's success will be complete. The head of marketing with Lotte Chilsung, Kim Sang-tae, says, "We wanted to create a work of culture that was far from the normal PR materials and give something to the target consumer, girls in their teens and 20s, that they could enjoy.” After the Beauty Song TV commercial, the firm expects this to become another cultural icon, he added. The firm expects this to become another cultural icon, he added.

doozy: "...the hero Gong-Gil, a man with a smile more beautiful than that of any woman..." I completely agree with this phrase. In The King and the Clown, Gong-Gil is gorgeous! When I first saw Lee Jun Ki in the romantic comedy My Girl, I thought he was a woman! Everytime I see his pictures, I would always be jealous of his hair. The man has great hair, I tell you...heehee.

Blog's Update

Introducing...a new addition to the blog! Yay! Woot woot! *pop open the champagne bottle and run around crazily* Heehee.

What is it, you ask? " it content that has some substance and is worth my time reading?" Haha, joking! (Or you're not asking because by now, you're not here at the blog reading this since you have long clicked that little "X" on the browser window and left the site because I've scared you away.)

Um, anyway...I've discovered a super cool technology in the blosgosphere, and that is So, if you look on the right side bar, I've put up a few of my favorite songs for your listening pleasure.

Hope y'all like them!

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WITH S2 Store

Hello everyone!

The K-drama subbing team WITH S2 has recently started a clothing drive. Please support and support us in keeping fansubbing free for everyone. The link to the store is in the sidebar under "support with S2, support soompi." Below is more detailed information about our new store. Thank you!

Free Image Hosting at
Please click on the image for a clearer view. (Image credit: kiss the rain.)

The Appeal of Korean Dramas

Top 10 Reasons

10. It's a new and exciting form of entertainment (at least, for me)

9. There is more variety of actors and actresses so it's difficult to become bored from watching the same people over and over again.

8. Good production values

7. Gorgeous cinematography
- You'd want to tour the filming locations because it was shown so beautifully.
Examples: The "four seasons" dramas (Spring Waltz, Summer Scent,Autumn In My Heart, and Winter Sonata)

Spring Waltz
(Those houses in the beautiful background are not the result of photoshop or special effects. This scene was filmed on location in Austria.)

6. Awesome soundtracks
- The music matches well with the drama and enhances viewers' experience.
Examples: Winter Sonata, I'm Sorry, I Love You...

5. Strong character development and uniqueness of the characters
- Korean dramas usually focus mainly on their leading actors and actresses and have very few subplots. Hence, there is ample time for character development. Also, the characters would have a certain aspect of their personalities and/or behaviors that is only unique to them.
Examples: Goodbye Solo, My Girl, Full House, Mr. Goodbye, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon...

4. The hot men, with 6 ft.+ stature and washboard abs
Examples: Lee Dong Wook, Bi, Hyun Bin, Daniel Henney, Lee Ki Woo...

3. The amazing chemistry between the actors and actresses
- Not only between romantic couples, but also parent and child.
Examples: Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook, Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin (romantic); Mi Joo and Joon in Rude Woman, Yoon Hyun Suh and Yoon in Mr. Goodbye (parent and child)

2. Well-written scripts
- They make you laugh until your tummy hurts, cry because you symphatize so much with the characters, angry that you'd want to throw heavy objects at the TV screen, and optimistic because of the newly discovered life lessons and perspectives.
Examples: Goodbye Solo, Alone In Love, My Girl, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Rude Woman...

Goodbye Solo                                                            Alone in Love

and the number 1 reason is...

1. Talented actors and actresses
- Not only from veterans, but also from young stars and child actors. Honestly speaking, you can look great but if you can't act, then I can't help you because my attention will soon wander to something better.
Examples: Lee Da Hae (Green Rose, My Girl), Nam Sang Mi (Sweet Spy, Bad Family), Kwon Sang Woo (Stairway to Heaven), Jung Ji Hoon (Bi)...

Lee Da Hae                                                            Nam Sang Mi

Image credit: various sources

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nude Face

Going Makeup-free - Expose Your Face in All Its Natural Beauty

Makeup seems to no longer be in fashion. A makeup-free face has come to symbolize natural beauty, emerging as one of the latest cultural trends. The word “ssang-eol,” meaning “nude face,” became popular after several celebrities used it on TV shows. The fervor for not using makeup stemmed from the rising consciousness about healthy living, as people nowadays seem to prefer natural beauty more than artificially created beauty using makeup and plastic surgery. Adding to the “nude face” boom is people’s growing interest in the photos of celebrities’ makeup-free faces that have been circulating recently on the Internet.

Nude face trend on TV and in commercials

As if keeping pace with the “nude face” trend, many celebrities are appearing makeup-free on TV these days or at least use as little makeup as possible to underscore their inborn beauty. The “nude face” trend even rules TV commercials nowadays, with top stars boldly showing off their makeup-free faces and eliciting a favorable response from young viewers.

Nude faces everywhere

Celebrities are not the only ones who are deciding to forgo thick makeup these days. Interest in skincare has surged recently even among ordinary people, as a nude face has emerged as a symbol of natural beauty and a way to show off one’s perfect complexion. A growing number of women are frequenting beauty salons these days to receive facials and all kinds of dermatological surgeries. First of all, they remove spots and discoloration from their faces using lasers to make their complexion look flawless. Some women even draw permanent brows so as not to “look like Mona Lisa” after they remove makeup, while others have a red color injected into their lips to make them constantly look attractive. The only purpose of all such efforts is to look perfect without makeup. The clientele of wrinkle treatment, which in the past was the exclusive domain of people in their 40s and 50s, has grown to include people in their 20s as well. As interest in removing wrinkles has soared among young people, the number of wrinkle treatment patients younger than 30 has skyrocketed recently. Dermatological clinics have seen the number of their patients rise 30 percent this summer from the same period a year ago as a result of the “nude face” boom.

Cosmetics transformation

The “nude face” trend has also brought changes in women’s choice of cosmetic products. As a result, cosmetics companies are now focusing their business on developing skincare products rather than makeup products. Multi-functional cosmetic products that combine several functions in a single product, such as “lotion plus foundation,” or “makeup base plus foundation,” have hit the market in succession recently. Such multi-functional products create a clean, flawless look easily without having to put on thick makeup. Sales of concealers, which hide spots, freckles and discoloration, have been on the rise as well. Recently developed cosmetic products for the eyes and lips tend to contain pearl these days to underscore a clean, makeup-free complexion. Also popular are sunscreen and whitening products.

Going makeup-free

It takes continuous effort to create a flawless look without using makeup. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that look.

Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is essential if you want to have a beautiful complexion. Don’t miss the timeslot between midnight and 2 a.m., when skin cells regenerate.

Relieve stress

Stress not only accelerates the aging process but also causes dark circles under your eyes. Relieve stress through exercise and keep your body fit.

Drink lots of liquids

The lack of liquids in the body causes the skin to age. Drink at least eight glasses of fresh water a day to stay hydrated.

Apply sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays not only tan your skin but also cause spots and freckles. They also deprive the skin of elasticity and cause wrinkles. Apply sunscreen marked as “double plus” and SPF 15 or higher before going outside and reapply every two hours.

Eat nutritious foods

Green-leaf vegetables, egg yolk, fish and other foods containing vitamin A help prevent the oxidization of skin cell membranes, while vitamin E contained in nuts, vegetables, corn and beans helps prevent skin cell damage.

No smoking and drinking

Quit smoking and drinking for the sake of your health.

The “nude face” trend is the reflection of women’s rising interest in healthy skin, and that interest will only continue to rise in the future. But concerns are also rising that the obsession with “natural beauty” will only aggravate “lookism.” The “nude face” boom has emerged as a widely used commercial strategy of celebrity management agencies, beauty parlors and cosmetic companies. Let’s hope that the pursuit of natural beauty will translate into the increased expression of women’s self-confidence.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: What an interesting article! I remember seeing a thread that has pictures of Korean actresses with minimal or no makeup on, but I couldn't find it at the moment. I'll post up the pictures if I do find them.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Full House to Be Exported to Japan

Full House to Be Exported to Japan

The KBS hit drama Full House starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo will be exported to Japan for Japanese viewers across the island country, KBS Media said.

The drama has already gained great popularity in many Asian nations such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. In some southeast Asian nations, it recorded viewing rates as high as the popular Korean drama Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace). In Thailand, its viewing rates for its last episode posted a staggering 64 percent.

The export to Japan is expected to serve as an opportunity to show the true value of the drama's two Korean stars, especially at a time when Rain is already enjoying great popularity as a singer and Song is also quite famous in Japan for her role in the drama Autumn in My Heart and the film My Girl and I. Insiders believe that the fact that the drama features the two stars will produce great synergistic effects.

"Compared to Winter Sonata, which received a rave response from middle-aged Japanese women, Full House may potentially be loved by young people in their teens and 20s," KBS Media said. "We expect that the export of the drama may help spread the Korean Wave or Korean pop culture craze among the younger generation in Japan."
Source: KBS Global

doozy: Yay! Full House is on a global domination quest..heehee. Full House was the show that introduced me to Korean drama and Bi. I wish it much success in Japan. Aja aja, fighting!

Kim Tae-hee Becomes Highest-Paid Cosmetics Model

Free Image Hosting at
Kim Tae-hee has signed the cosmetics industry's highest-paying long-term contract, reaffirming her status as one of the nation's most bankable beauties. The star's agency said the contract stipulates she will model the HERA brand of Amorepacific for the next five years -- a rare vote of confidence in a model’s enduring allure. She will be paid highest sum in the industry.

Amorepacific explained it conducted an opinion poll in which Kim's special brand of intelligent beauty and feminine grace won her the most votes. When she was working over at rival firm LG Household & Health Care representing the Ohui brand -- virtually unknown at that time -- she played a key role in bringing about a sharp increase in its brand recognition.

Besides Kim's contract, previously the most lucrative was signed by Lee Young-ae with LG Household & Health Care for "The History of Who." It spans two years and will bring the actress some W2 billion. As luck would have it, Lee Young-ae started out at Amorepacific before moving to pastures new at LG, while Kim Tae-hee took the opposite course.

Amorepacific has been working to build up a top-of-the-line image for its premium HERA line and plans to unleash a marketing blitz not just in Korea but all across Asia.

doozy: What is this "obsession" that Koreans have for Kim Tae Hee? I mean, okay..I agree that she is pretty and intelligent, since she recently graduated from Seoul National University (the Harvard-equivalent of S. Korea), but I just don't understand the tremendous craze that they have for her. I just don't get it! *scratch head*

Son Ye Jin's New Project

Son Ye Jin and Sol Kyung Kyu is going to co-star together in a 24 episodes, 2007 new drama Agent Zero. The drama is said to be the korean version of the American police drama CSI. Famous movie writers of ShilMiDo, Public Enemy, Old Boy, Crying Fist.. are going to work together for this drama. The station airing it is still unknown at the moment.
Source: WITH S2 and purpletiger86

doozy: Woot woot! I'm really excited about this piece of news! After watching Alone in Love, I have officially become a fan of Son Ye Jin and have been waiting for news about her next drama. The drama looks very promising because not only is the outline based on one of my favorite American TV shows, but also because of the talented writers that will be working on it.

The Host

Monster Film Success Soothes S. Korea's Worried Cinema Industry

Free Image Hosting at     Free Image Hosting at
A rare monster film is blazing a trail in South Korea's cinema history, drawing record audiences and bolstering a local movie industry being weaned from decades of a protective screen quota.

The Host, directed by a daring 37-year-old producer Bong Jun-Ho, pulled in eight million viewers as of Friday last week after it was released 16 days earlier at 620 cinemas across South Korea, according to the film's distributor, Showbox.

The film slashed nine days off the previous record time to pull in eight million viewers which was set by Taegukgi, a 2004 big-budget domestic film featuring two brothers whose lives were ravaged by the Korean War.

When director Bong announced plans for the monster film, his third release, his colleagues were "shocked and dismayed," he said.

Bong, who shot to fame in 2003 with Memories of Murder, a feature about the unsolved case of a serial killer in 1986, was considered by some to be selling out his art-house roots.

"I don't care whether my film should be an art movie or a commercial movie. I just make a film because I want to see it myself as a viewer and because others don't make it for me to see," Bong told journalists.

The Host revolves around an ordinary family who are forced to struggle against great odds and non-cooperative bureaucrats to rescue their daughter, kidnapped by a monster living in the Han River that flows across Seoul.

Starring Song Kang-Ho, who played the leading role as an eager but hapless detective in Memories of Murder, The Host is a far cry from Hollywood monster films in terms of budget and spectacle. But its solid storytelling, blended with director Bong's particular brand of humor and satire, has proved its main draw.

The film has no obvious hero, focusing on weak individuals struggling against formidable odds to rescue their loved one from the monster. This creature, which never overwhelms the screen in a way such as other monsters such as Godzilla, is a mutant spawned by toxic waste released from a US military morgue here.

Bong said he got the idea from a 2000 incident in which US military officers released toxic waste into the river, sparking anger and stoking anti-US sentiment.

But he denied the film was intended to deliver anti-US or environmentalist messages.

"I wanted to make a different monster film which has no superhero but weak and ordinary people struggling to protect those who are weaker than themselves," Bong said.

The Host received favourable reviews at the Cannes Film Festival in May and has been exported to 11 countries including the United States as well as elsewhere in Asia and Europe.

So Jung-Hyun, a 29-year-old math teacher, said she was moved by the film, which she said had broken new ground for local films.

"I was overcome with family love there. I've never seen a film like this. My brother also saw it the day after I saw it," she said.

But other viewers said they were disappointed.

"I was disappointed. The format was not so thrilling and computer graphics were flawed," said a 22-year-old biology student as he and his girlfriend were leaving a cinema in downtown Seoul.

"I think the film's box office success was largely due to the tendency of South Korean viewers who blindly follow the crowd, relying only on mass opinions," said the student, as his girlfriend, locking arms with him, nodded her consent. (Agence France Presse)
Source: The Seoul Times

Saturday, August 19, 2006

You Go, Girl!

This is dedicated to my dear friend.


I brewed myself a cup of TAZO's "Joy" tonight and this is what was written on the bag.

Isn't that cute?! Now, what would not be "cute" is if I actually write to them and I get no response.

MBC's Rude Woman

MBC's Rude Woman is my current must-watch! This show is hilarious! To tell you how "obsessed" I am with it, I'm actually watching the episdoes without English subs, which is suprising because for me, doing that requires alot patience. I've tried to watch other shows before but would give up after 5-10 minutes into it because it was too boring for me to not understand what the heck is going on. However, Rude Woman is keeping me hooked. That's how exciting this show is! If you have some free time and are looking for a good show to watch, what are you waiting for? Go check out its thread at! There is alot of information about the show and resources on where you can download the episodes. Currently, there are English subs for episodes 1-2 from WITH S2.

Lee Ki Woo (the actor on the left) is a hottie!
Well, stop reading this and go check out Rude Woman! Go!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Korean Wave Star "Has No Plans to Wed"

Korean Wave star Kwon Sang Woo has told to a Japanese film magazine he does not plan to get married any time soon. Ahead of the Japanese release of his film Youth Comic (a.k.a. Almost Love), the actor gave a promotional interview to Cinema Today magazine on his goals as he heads into his thirties. "It's not that I want to put work before marriage, but there just aren't any plans," he is quoted as saying. "I want to give better performances, and I am making better work." He confessed to feeling more comfortable now he is 30. “I have a responsibility as an actor, and I have a little more leeway," he said.

Kwon, who has previously admitted to dreams of appearing in a Japanese soap, named the actor Toru Nakamura, who has appeared in Korean movies, and Takeshi Kaneshiro as two stars he would like to work with. The interviewer swooned over Kwon’s smooth style. "Throughout the interview, he looked me straight in the eye and answered in a gentle and respectful voice, exuding the charm that has captured the hearts not just of Korean women but of Japanese women as well," Cinema Today gushed.

doozy: No plans for marriage yet = more time to grace us with his presence. Yay! In addition to his good looks, I also like his gentle voice (like what the article noted). I bet that it was a good day at work for the reporter who was interviewing Kwon Sang Woo!

Jeon Ji Hyun Turns Into Rock Bride

Can that really be Jeon Ji Hyun? The famously demure Korean star has transformed herself into a rock chick for the Laneige fall cosmetics line of Amore Pacific, evolving into a glamorous power woman. On stage, she shows off her singing ability and smooth thighs, with a newfound energy infusing her every move.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

doozy: Wow, the first picture of Jeon Ji Hyun is gorgeous! She is one of my favorite actresses.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Korean TV Dramas to Air in Indonesia

The MBC TV mini-series Princess Hours and the KBS TV2 mini-series My Rosy Life have gone on the air in Indonesia.

Indonesian private broadcaster Indosiar has been airing My Rosy Life Mondays through Fridays since August 14, and Princess Hours on Mondays since August 16.

Princess Hours has drawn a favorable response from Indonesian viewers for featuring beautiful royal costumes against a modern backdrop, while My Rosy Life struck a chord with Indonesians by portraying the importance of family affection and depicting death in a beautiful way, in a break from other Korean dramas that mostly portrayed death as a tragic and gloomy event.
Source: KBS Global

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The First Seoul Drama Awards

Seoul to Host International TV Drama Awarding Ceremonies

The first Seoul Drama Awards, an international award given to TV dramas produced worldwide, will be held August 29 at the KBS Hall in Seoul.

Organized by the Korean Broadcasters Association and sponsored by KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS and the Korean Broadcasting Commission, the ceremony has garnered significant attention for introducing the first international award for TV shows. Another noteworthy aspect is that the nation’s three major terrestrial TV broadcasters have joined forces in establishing the award.

The organizers of the ceremony said the purpose of the ceremony is to publicize Korean TV dramas to the world and foreign TV dramas to Korea. The award will be given to TV shows produced not only in Asia but also in the United States and Europe.

Hosted by actor Ryoo Shi-won and anchors Hwang Su-kyung and Han Seok-jun, the first ceremony will be attended by a number of top stars, such as Kim Sun-ah and Choi Su-jong.

A total of 105 TV dramas from 29 countries will compete for the award this year. The jury will be headed by producer Yoon Seok-ho, who produced the hit drama Winter Sonata. The winner of the top prize will receive 10,000 dollars. The awarding ceremony will be broadcast live August 29 by KBS; the eve party slated for August 27 will be broadcast by MBC.

MBC TV’s drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon has been nominated for best miniseries and best lead actress, while KBS TV’s Emperor of the Sea was nominated for best full-length drama and best lead actor. Other Korean dramas to compete this year include MBC TV’s Royal Palace and Taeneung Athletes’ Village and SBS TV’s Hanoi Bride and Paris Lovers.
Source: KBS Global

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Eye Candy: Issue no.2

The Drool-worthy NamJa of Korean Entertainment
(NamJa = "man" in Korean)

Bi/Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) smile

If the above name does not ring any bell for you then I have one thing to say: where have you been?! I mean, Bi is one of the biggest stars, with soldout concerts all over Asia! Not only is he a successful music artiste, but he is also a popular actor. In the acting relm, most fans know him as Lee Young Jae in the Korean romantic comedy Full House.

Looks: A-
One quick glance at a picture of Bi and most people would say that he's not goodlooking. Heck, the first time I showed his picture to one of my friends and we were watching Full House together, she thought there was a problem with my sight! However, Bi's appeal is not based on first impressions, but through watching his performances both onstage and onscreen. I agree that he does not have the "traditional" handsome face, but he has something more important than that: charisma. He walks into a room and you'd notice him because he commands your attention. His adorable smile and babyface also give him the boyish charm that women from all ages go crazy for (yes, I'm one of them). In addition, his well-toned body with washboard abs and his 6 ft.+ tall stature add to the star package. Recently, I was watching KBS's Photo Documentary about Bi and the narrator made a very good comment. "Bi has the face of a boy but a body of a man." Similarly, in the clip where a hilarious prank was played on Bi and actress Kim Sun Ah, she was asked whether or not she sees him as a kid and she said "no" because how could she when his body is so manly.

Talent: A
No doubt about it, Bi is one talented man. He's a good singer, dances well (his dances are NOT "spastic"!), and works with his dancers to choreograph all the dance performances. He is constantly thinking about ideas to improve his performances or concepts for his next projects. For his concerts, he is also an active participant in many aspects of the concert preparation process. Recently, I learned that he also contributes to the designing of his stage outfits!

Bi's debut album was released in 2002, entitled Bad Man. His next album was How to Escape from the Sun, released in 2003. His latest Korean album, It's Raining, came out in 2004. He also has several Japanese singles out currently, including "Sad Tango" and "Slowly." My favorite songs on all of Bi's albums include "How to Escape from the Sun" and "Not Used To," which he dedicated to his mother who has passed away due to illness. In the coming months, Bi will release his first Japanese album and his fourth Korean album.

When Bi is performing as an actor, he uses his real name "Jung Ji Hoon." He debut as an actor in the 2002 sitcom Orange. His first leading role was in Sang Doo, Let's Go to School! However, it wasn't until the airing of Full House with Song Hye Gyo that he was more widely known across Asia and his popularity soared as an actor. Following Full House, JJH starred in the drama A Love To Kill. Sadly, the ratings for A Love To Kill wasn't as high as expected even though he had put alot of effort into the role. However, his effort did not go unnoticed because he was nominated for the 2005 KBS Best Performance Award in the company of other veteran actors.

For the past year, JJH has been working with aclaimed director Park Chan Wook (Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) on the romantic comedy Although I'm a Cyborg, It's Okay. The movie, set to be released later this year, is JJH's debut film.

Although, Full House was a joy to watch and it was the show that got me into Korean drama, Sang Doo, Let's Go to School! is my favorite out of the three dramas. (I have not seen his debut sitcom Orange.) Not only that, Sang Doo, Let's Go to School! is one of my favorite dramas out of ALL of the ones that I've seen.

Bi (Jung Ji Hoon) is the first artiste that I've "idolized," meaning I not only became a fan of his work, but I also actively search for more information about him and purchased all three of his Korean albums and his concert DVD (which is saying alot because I'm very stingy with money). In addition to his looks and talent, I also admire his work ethics and personality; he's extremely hardworking and very humble.

Between Bi the music artiste and JJH the actor, I like JJH the actor just a little bit more. What that means is that I want to watch all the shows that JJH is in (post-Full House), while I don't necessarily have to catch all the songs that he releases. Although my "love" for him is beginning to fade, as long as he produces quality work and his personality remains unchanged, I will always be his fan.


Name: Jung Ji-Hoon, Bi/Rain
Birthday: June 25, 1982
Height: 184cm
Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Kyung Hee University (Post Modern Music Department)
Fave Actor: Charlie Chaplin and Han Seok-kyu
Fave Musician: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher
Credit: Soompi thread


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