Friday, August 18, 2006

Korean Wave Star "Has No Plans to Wed"

Korean Wave star Kwon Sang Woo has told to a Japanese film magazine he does not plan to get married any time soon. Ahead of the Japanese release of his film Youth Comic (a.k.a. Almost Love), the actor gave a promotional interview to Cinema Today magazine on his goals as he heads into his thirties. "It's not that I want to put work before marriage, but there just aren't any plans," he is quoted as saying. "I want to give better performances, and I am making better work." He confessed to feeling more comfortable now he is 30. “I have a responsibility as an actor, and I have a little more leeway," he said.

Kwon, who has previously admitted to dreams of appearing in a Japanese soap, named the actor Toru Nakamura, who has appeared in Korean movies, and Takeshi Kaneshiro as two stars he would like to work with. The interviewer swooned over Kwon’s smooth style. "Throughout the interview, he looked me straight in the eye and answered in a gentle and respectful voice, exuding the charm that has captured the hearts not just of Korean women but of Japanese women as well," Cinema Today gushed.

doozy: No plans for marriage yet = more time to grace us with his presence. Yay! In addition to his good looks, I also like his gentle voice (like what the article noted). I bet that it was a good day at work for the reporter who was interviewing Kwon Sang Woo!


YEK said...

Hmm... is this the main actor in, what's the series' name, "Stairway to Heaven"? Even my parents liked that series! My dad had all these praises about the actors' and actresses' good acting skills!

jill said...

no plans to get married soon? my sister would like that news :-p i like his voice too, very soothing *blush*