Monday, February 19, 2007

So Pretty

Below are some screen caps from LDH's vitamin cf. To view more, please click here.

Call me, Wookie oppa!

I love her smile. There's a certain innocence and genuiness in it. Just look at the picture. She's adorable, yet at the same time, gorgeous.
I'm looking forward to March 12, which is the premiere of LDH's new drama, Hello! Miss.

Special thanks to pinklily @ soompi for providing these images.


jill said...

March 12? *marking calendar* :-p That second picture looks like she's giving a shaka sign. She's telling all of us in Hawaii, "Annyeong!" :-p

Anyway, she looks great as always! Thanks!

doozy said...

shaka sign? hey, thanks Jill! I learn something new today.