Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LDW's New Project

Lee Dong Wook has been selected as the lead for JS pictures new drama I love you.
The drama will be adapted from Kim Se Myung popular manhwa I love you which is about a thirty-something comic writer who marries a girl younger than him by 14 years when she gets pregnant. The production company plans to start filming in March when the female lead is selected.

The broadcast date and station are still unknown at the moment.

Credit to: yeohweping

doozy: Woot woot! LDH's Hello! Miss in March and now, LDW is going to film a new drama?! I'm beyond excited.


Mauwy said...

Wahh~ me soo excited,, and I wonder who the female lead will be :]

LDH & LDW still together in real life I suppose? w00t!!! <3

doozy said...

i don't know if they are really together in real life.. no confirmation there yet. mostly just fans' wishful thinking. heehee.

incarnadine29 said...

I hope he confirms this project... :) My question though is, who will portray his very young wife 14 years his junior?

About LDW and LDH >> you are right, itis just a lot of wishful thinking... but it's nice to know they are really close, and that a lot of other people (and I mean A LOT) are wishfully thinking along with me. :)