Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hyun Bin No Longer Single and Available

Hyun Bin has been dating Hwang Ji Hyun for almost a year. Reportedly, they broke up in the middle and then got back together again.

Those who are wondering who Hwang Ji Hyun is, she was in New Nonstop 3 and recently, Come back Soon Ae as Park Jin Hee's stewardess friend.
Translation by: lilshinhwafreak @ soompi

doozy: As a crazy fan girl, my reaction is: Why?! Why her and not me?!
As a realistic person with her head on straight, my reaction is: Why?! Why her and not me?! Haha. I'm kidding! Honestly, as long as he's happy, I'm happy.


jill said...

[crazy on] Wae, wae, wae?!?! Ahndwe, Hyun Bin sshi, ahndwe!!!!!!!!! It was supposed to be Kim Sun Ah sshi, yongwonee!!! [/crazy off] :-p

Wow, I had no idea! I haven't been reading up on him, but seems like they did a good job keeping it low profile. Anyway, I agree, hope they're happy!

doozy said...

Hahah. Crazy Jill is hilarious!! Yes, it IS supposed to Kim Sun Ah sshi. Those two were great together. *reminiscing the Sam Soon days*

Mauwy said...

Ani, ani, aniyo, annimnida...!!!

haha. I went crazy too, gahhh. Why. Why. Why. :'(

Hyun Binnie and Sun Ah-ssi really looked cuute together, I miss the SamSoon days too, aww ^^

but yes, as long as he's happy I'm happy too tho it wil hurt me much, LOL.

Queen of Snow said...

I read somewhere that they have broken up because Hwang was accused of making use of Hyun Bin to gain popularity...
Anyway, oppa Binnie will be sad if that's true. Whoever he is with, he has my blessings...

Chris said...

i work at KAL and i checked her in... But i had no clue who she was