Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dramas Sweep the Top 10 Ratings List

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, a TV ratings research company, dramas swept the top 10 list of highest rated TV programs.

The highest rating in 2006 was recorded by MBC’s Jumong, which posted 38.4% in average household ratings.

It was followed by Famous Princess of KBS2 with ratings of 30.2%, the daily soap operas The Bizarre Bunch and Pure in Heart of KBS1 with 29.8% and 28.5%, respectively, and the SBS weekend drama Dear Heaven with 28.3%.

Among entertainment shows, Imagination Plus of KBS2 ranked the highest at 14th place overall with 19% in ratings, followed by Gag Concert on KBS2 at 16th with 17% and “What an Amazing World” on SBS with 16.9%.

News 9 of KBS1 was the highest ranking news program at 19th place with 16.9% in ratings.

Meanwhile, the average TV viewing time of Korean households in 2006 stood at 7 hours and 7 minutes, unchanged from 2005.

By channel, people watched KBS1 the most, followed by SBS, MBC, and KBS2.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: Jumong =
I also love the drama's poster. It's sexy, yet mysterious.


sarahLOIS said...

Who starred in Jumong??

doozy said...

Cast of Jumong:
Song Il Kook (from "Terms of Endearment", "Arts of Seduction")
Han Hye Jin ("Be Strong Geum Soon")

Also check out more info on the cast here.

I highly recommend this one if you like historical drama or just fan of great story-telling in general.

Mauwy said...

I love JuMong too :D
have you watched be strong geum soon? i want to see other dramas of han hye jin ^^

doozy said...

No I haven't. I really want to but I can't seem to find english subtitles for it online. =(

Have you seen the old drama "Romance" with Kim Jae Won and Kim Ha Neul? It's the one where KJW played a student in love with his teacher. If I remember correctly, Han Hye Jin was also in that drama. But her role wasn't very likeable.

Mauwy said...

Hi, yes I watched Romance, but guess what, I watched it on a chinese channel :( So I dont understand much.

Was she there ? I havent noticed~ Thanks for the info !