Monday, December 04, 2006

Giving Back to the Community

Recently, Lee Da Hae participated in an event in which she helped pass out daily commodities to senior citizens. She's also chosen as an ambassador for a charitable/public service organization of Korea.

For more pictures of this event, click here. LDH looks so gorgeous and elegant! Her style in these lovely pictures remind me of the Green Rose days.

Lee Da Hae visiting senior citizens

They really like her, don't they? The lady even gave LDH a kiss. Heehee. Very cute.

Special thanks to dedicated Mukgu-ers @ soompi, especially ripgal and javabeans for the news and pinklily for uploading the pictures and YouTube clip.

Mukgu is such a sweet and kind person. All the more reason to like her. Skeptics and cynics may say that she's doing this for self-promotion, publicity, and things along those lines. And to that, I say "psshhhhh!" There's a variety of things that she can do with her time but she chose to give back to the community and in freezing cold weather, as you can see from the above clip. Obviously, I don't know her personally but I do believe that she's a genuinely nice person.

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jill said...

aaaiyyyooohhhhh!!! cute! i love older people :) and LDH looks amazing as usual ;)