Monday, November 20, 2006

Wall Painting Poster of The Restless Unveiled

The wall painting poster of the movie The Restless starring Chung Woo-sung and Kim Tae-hee has been unveiled recently.
While the previous teaser poster for the movie drew attention by focusing on a dark background, the new poster features the large images of the movie’s lead actors.

The poster, which depicts the love of two characters that defies fate, was produced in a unique style by featuring the elements of a wall painting.

The Restless, a story about the encounter and conflict of two souls in mid-heaven, where they stay for 49 days before they reincarnate, will open December 21.
Source: KBS Global

Movie Info
[formerly known as Midair]

Kim Tae Hui
Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung and Kim Tae Hee will lead the movie Midair. This mellow movie portrays that a soul stays in midair for 49 days before it ascends to heaven. The move is directed by Jo Dong Oh whose previous project was the movie The Warrior. The music director is Shiro Sagisu. The production cost is around 9 billion Won and the filming begins at "Hengdian Movie and Television Center" in Zhejiang province of China.

KTH plays the role Soh Hwa who is a celestial people guiding and protecting human beings when they fall in midair. JWS plays the character Lee Gwak. He defends Soh Hwa who resembles his old lover. Actor Huh Joon Ho plays the role Ban Choo who leads the insurgent force in midair. Actress Soh Yi Hyun plays the character Hyo who is a female warrior in the insurgent force.
English translation courtesy of CindyW88

doozy: Nice poster! Very fantasy/mythical feel, which fits the story of the movie. I'm looking forward to this movie because 1) I like this genre, 2) I'm interested in seeing KTH's movie debut, and 3) Jung Woo Sung (need I say more...)


Anonymous said...

actually if i'm not wrong, the music director is Shiro Sagisu, based on the movie making clip shown at the pusan international film festival and the more updated reports. thanks for posting this, i happen to look forward to this movie too for the same reasons you listed.

doozy said...

Okay, thanks for the heads up! just confirmed the name of the music director with an article from the korea times. will edit the info accordingly..=)