Monday, September 25, 2006

Lee Sabi Gains Lively Following in Japan

Korea’s first Playboy model and actress Lee Sabi has gained a lively following in Japan. Her latest diet video, which follows the release of her yogha poses on her website, looks set to become a mega hit in the island country, with 40,000 advance orders already in.

A spokesman for the video production company said such huge advance orders are unusual. "I think Lee’s perfect poses and the video’s personalized exercise prescriptions appeal to the Japanese market." With the video, which consists of a section each focused on the upper body, the lower body and the whole body, people can intensively take care of the part where they especially want to reduce fat, the firm says.

doozy: If you've seen My Girl, Lee Sabi plays Gong Chan's loyal secretary. She can also be seen in the recent drama One Fine Day.
Playboy model?! Eh?! Does that mean the same thing in Korea as it does in America? Well, after searching further into this, I found out that it does mean the same thing. I am suprised. Click here if you'd like to read more about this topic.


Tracy_Brown said...

-___- O___o *shock*
Oh my goodness, I am very suprised too to learn this! I loved her character in My Girl! It does change my image of her a little bit, but she still was a good actress in the series. Wow! I am still shocked! haha

jill said...

i was shocked too!!! but i can see why, she's hoTT :)