Thursday, August 03, 2006


First post on a first blog, ever! Since everyone is blogging these days, might as well jump on the bandwagon and go with the trend. (may be this is a good way to kill time...)
The last time I played around with Html coding was around 4 years ago so my memory of this whole "publishing" on the Internet thing is not as clear as I would like. Hence, please excuse any awful, weird-looking arrangement and/or formatting as I'm learning while doing.
Picked this template because of the green theme.

Purpose of this blog: Since Korean entertainment is becoming so popular nowadays, this blog's aim is to be a collection of news that I happen to stumble across while surfing the Net. Plus, throw in there some reviews about K-dramas that I'm currently watching and perhaps movie reviews/rantings, and go from there.

What does "mukgu-fied" mean? This blog's name is inspired by the K-drama My Girl, starring Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Park Si Yeon, and Lee Joon Ki. "Mukgu-fied" is a termed coined by us fans of the show and of Lee Da Hae. (In short, in the drama LDH's character Ju Yoo Rin works at a tourism agency called Anyone who hasn't seen this drama, please do! It's highly recommended! For more info on this wonderful show, you can visit or
--The picture on the right is of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae from My Girl--
Edit: Just saw my post online and heehee...this is so cool!!

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