Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Birth Of A Family

The Birth Of A Family Invited to Toronto Film Festival

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The movie The Birth Of A Family directed by Kim Tae-yong has been invited to the “Discovery” category of the 31st Toronto International Film Festival slated for September 7 in Canada.

The Toronto festival is the largest non-competition film festival in North America. Last year, Kang Yi-kwan’s film Sakwa was invited to the Discovery category, which shows films of promising filmmakers.

This year, 13 films will compete in this category for the prize of 10,000 dollars. Though the Toronto festival is non-competition, sponsors have prepared awards for each category.

Other Korean films that were invited to this year’s festival include Kim Ki-deok’s Time in the Vision category and Bong Jun-ho’s The Host in the “Midnight Madness” category.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: There's a good chance that I'll watch this movie since the poster looks interesting and the cast looks good. And hey, the fact that it's invited to a film festival must mean something, right?

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